EIP Solution


     WHAT IS EIP?               


Electronic: Phase 1: Paperless web-based repository and collaboration solution for storing and delivering project documents from program design to close-out.
Interactive: Phase 2: Interactive access to lifecycle documents necessary in building sustainability.
Project: Meeting Green initiatives of BIM, LEED and STEP based on CSI divisions. 


What and Why

Meet Green Standards

~ Readily accessible and organized team repository on the web

~ Works alongside BIM, LEED and STEP Standards

~ Locate project details by CSI Division

~ Meets ANSI standards

~ Replaces paper wasting hard documents

~ Uniquely customizable and brandable

~ Invaluable asset for the customer


EIP Presentation

Module I - V completed project EIP Solution (20MB File)



PROCESS Q & A - 5 Simple Steps

  1. Define your documentation requirements.  Some examples: 
    1. Q: As a design firm, I am starting a new project that implements BIM, LEED and STEP Standards and I want to organize all phases of work.  A: Using Modules I - V will provide complete project documentation from design to close-out.
    2. Q: I am a subcontractor where EIP is the documentation requirement, what do i need?  A: Subcontractor submission requires Modules III - V
    3. Q: I am a subcontractor that is required to complete Operating Manuals (O & M's).       A: Subcontractor submission requires Modules V for close-out.
    4. Q: I am a design build single trade contractor and would to use EIP for our projects.  A: EIP single trade Module offers a streamlined structure based on a single CSI division. 
    5. Q: I am in the technology industry and need to comply with STEP AV.  A: EIP for STEP Module, offers the complaint structure required of STEP.
  2. Go to our STORE, select your product and complete the registration and payment steps.
  3. Upload your files as you go to the EIP Web Interface.
  4. Once you are complete with the project, send us an email. We will review all documents for compliance and advise where additional documents may be required. 
  5. We will complete the production phase to assemble all documents in a concise package for handover submission to your client. 

As a building owner, how does EIP help our company?

- With EIP on your company server, you will be able to locate any document created for your project!

- Organized and complete documents will reduce time spent when upgrades are necessary.

- You can locate troubleshooting documents and manuals without a service call,
saving your company time and money.

- You maintain project history

- Company asset

I am a architectural design firm, how does EIP benefit my company?

- The entire project team is able to place documents in a central repository for readily accessible and efficient project collaboration.

- Simple, structured and systematic methodology for all team members. 

- Assurance that contractors are submitting final documents in a consistant manner to expedite the handover process.

- In a competitive world, organization and presentation is everything

- Assurance that change directives are accessible to all parties

I am a subcontractor why and how does this benefit my company?

- In a competitive world, service and organization is everything

- Saves time and money by eliminating unnecessary callbacks

- Simple, structured and systematic methodology

- Company consistency!

- Sets your company apart from competition

- Increases your profit by providing the customer tools

- Meets compliance standards taking away the guess work

- Outsourcing of tasks frees staff members to be in the field, not behind the computer.




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